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We have Expanded!!!

BMDI is now in a larger facility with more capabilities. The best part is... we have kept the same overhead so we can still offer the best prices in the market.

We know that there are a lot of companies that can do your job. So why choose BMDI? We are a small company that is very flexible. We can offer what the big shops can't. Short Lead Times with 1-2 week Lead times you can have the tools to get the parts made on time, every time. This is the type of service we strive for in every job, big or small, production or prototype.

Quality Statement

It is the policy of Butler Machining and Design, Inc. to always provide products and services that conform to our customer's requirements.

Butler Machining and Design, Inc. has and shall maintain an effective quality system to prevent non-conformance at all stages of production. Further more, we pledge to do it right the first time, and to continually strive for improvements.

Every Butler Machining and Design, Inc employee is responsible for providing quality products and services. This policy is posted, and it shall be made known to all company employees. Compliance with the provisions and objectives of the quality system is mandatory for all personnel.

Thermoforming Mold/Tool

Need a Prototype give us a call.

Prototypes, Production Molds, Long Run, Short Run, Custom One Offs, Drilling, Tapping, Repairs,
Plus Much Much More.

Materials: Aluminum, Renshape, Wood, Steel, Eccolite, Delrin, Teflon, plus many more.


CNC Machining Specialists

Need a Quote give us a call.

Prototypes, Production Molds, Long Run, Short Run, Custom One Offs, Drilling, Tapping, Repairs,
Plus Much Much More.

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